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How To Find Top Shopify Stores In The Product Industry ?

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To be a store requires careful management. These days, I have been wandering on Facebook and found that many people ask me how to run a new store and wonder how many competitors its products have. Also want to know if the store has a lot of people to advertise, I want to say is, it sounds not difficult, if you want to find a also can store, so I just in Google's search for a long time, found such a tool, its name is bigspy, is a free advertisement spy tools, including the Facebook ads spy and store spy tool, let's talk about how to find a specific product or industry's top shop?

First of all, you can visit bigspy's official website, bigspy shopify spy. Click on shopify spy and enter the key words of the product you are looking for, such as cosmetics industry. For the store, there are three functions that are very good.

The first feature:

There are three secondary classifications above. In the product classification, we can choose the classification of cosmetics and the country. These huge data can help us query competitors and study industry trends.

Second feature:

Click on the trend research, where we can understand the trend of products, which will help us to analyze and locate a certain industry, or the trend heat of a certain cosmetics, a bit similar to Google trend, but personally, with this tool, we can reduce a lot of work;

Third is top shop, have to say, this is my favorite a function, because it can help us to find a fast and efficient product or industry's top shop, and understand the top shop, we can quickly find the sites product advantage, to help us better product information, the layout of the site structure, and even their way of advertising and marketing, can also directly click on their website, all of these are worth reference;

All of these, I believe, whether you are a Facebook AD marketing staff, or a shopify operating staff, are for the sale of products, of course, this free tool, for us the best, so, if you want to quickly complete the sales target, hurry up.

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