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how to find best selling shopify stores ?

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In shopify store in use process, everyone wants to obtain the huge sales, but for the general staff, it will be very difficult, maybe you will have a lot of doubt, don't know how to buy better products, so, according to the small make up observation, every industry has done a good product, if we find their product advantage, whether we can learn from others' advantages, understand their products so good, why buy for us, isn't it also is a kind of marketing, then, How to find best selling shopify stores? Here we recommend a free store spy tool -- Bigspy

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Over the years, in many Shopify store collaborations, what I've learned from 90 percent of the stores is that they do very little from scratch, on how to build an online store without coding skills, or how to get the first buyers, and how to optimize so-called conversion rates in e-commerce. Most of us didn't know technology when we started e-commerce. Build a beautiful online site that responds to mobile devices? I don't think I can. But I do own my own store, and I'm helping online store owners optimize their websites and increase revenue every day. Because online sales have never been so easy, now, comprehensive online store builders like Shopify. Believe it or not, you can become a digital entrepreneur in minutes, just like hundreds of people around the world. That's why I'm writing this article to guide you and many interested entrepreneurs through the basic process of how to use Shopify to open an online store, and to help you use some simple, free tools to make your first sale.

What is Shopify? Shopify is an online store builder that offers everything from hosting to domain names so anyone can sell online. With Shopify, you don't have to worry about servers, security, or any other technical issues. You only need to register an account to open a store and then process the content of your store. Currently, more than 250,000 stores sell online using Shopify.

Shopify for? That said, Shopify is perfect for, but not limited to, small - and medium-sized business owners, especially those with few coding skills. Still, many coders/developers see Shopify as the best option because they have no technical issues and can devote all their resources to product, marketing, and sales. What might bother you is Shopify's pricing. Shopify is a premium service, which means there's no free plan, just a 14-day free trial, and then you're bound to buy one of the packages. In addition, the Basic Shopify store charges a 2 percent per transaction.

If you don't have much of a coding background and are running the store on your own without a technician, the price of all this usable goodies should not mind you, should it? Believe me, Shopify is the way to go.

Back to square one, how do we find the best selling shopping store with Bigspy?

Step 1: enter the website, https://bigspy.com/

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Step 2: choose top shop, enter the product you are looking for keywords, or is the industry you're looking for, you will find that the ranking top shop will appear in front of you, with such a figure, we can easily draw inspiration, study good competitor store style, layout, is it possible to learn from their good our shop on the one hand, it will have great benefits to our store, and can help us get a better inspiration.

Step 3: 20 store ranking, before we can choose to find their store, and then one by one analysis, find their public good point, if we can do this, our shop also will get a great flow, and more products sales, so in order to improve your product sales, good analysis several stores, and then to find the best website, contrast analysis of commonness, it stores have more help to you.

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