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How To Use The Free Shopify Spy Tool To Monitor Your Competitors ?

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Whether you are doing seo, or network marketing, or a small shop owner, as long as you are doing e-commerce you need to understand the product, understand the peer, then, how do we understand or monitor the competitor's website? You might say, well, I can put my keywords in a Google search and it will come up, right? But what I'm saying is, if we're just doing Google search, or if you just want to see what the peer sites are, you can do that, but if you want to get a little bit more insight into how many stores in your country are selling this product, what's the trend? What are the best stores? So do you find it troublesome? What if there were a free tool that we could use to monitor our peers? A: so let's discuss How To Use The Free Shopify Spy Tool To Monitor Your Competitors?

t is also a small make up the recent discovery of a practical tools, Bigspy AD spy tool, open the web site, you will find that there is a shopify columns, right here, Free store spy tool then, you can search a key word, such as shose will appear as a result, because individual account has access to, so small make up to find out a method for Free for your reference:

Free Shopify Spy Tool

First of all, open their web site: store spy tool then registered an account, this account should have search number, it doesn't matter, when you search your account number, you can click share, then you can use another browser or page to open a new window, click go in, in the registered an account, in this case, you would be equivalent to meet them at the invitation of the mechanism, so that you can get two weeks of free access, you might say, if two weeks later, I also want to use? It doesn't matter, you can register an account again, and then register an account through the Shared address, isn't it very convenient? So we can use all of her features for free Bigspy shopify spy tool products

Free Shopify Spy Tool registered

As an example, how can we monitor the products of your peers and see which stores are doing this? How do these stores rank? Is their advertising creative material very classic, why do their products sell well? We can all find the results we want on it.

First feature shopify spy products:

We shose as case, if I am a shoes shop boss, so, I'm on this website search bigspy shose in the following, we can see there are a lot of products about shoes, here we can according to their own needs to choose a different classification, and shop in different countries, I choose the United States, for example, sports shoes series, it will automatically to our peers, our selections are very strong?

Bigspy shopify spy second feature shopify spy trending:

bigspy shopify spy tool trending

This function is also a favorite of small make up, through this function we can view the price of a product industry ranking, but also can view the address of the product store and store ranking, in a word, this function is very useful for us to monitor competitors, we can register a good study;

Bigspy shopify spy third feature shopify spy Top stores:

bigspy shopify spy tool Top Stores

We can according to the product or store classification, to find the corresponding website ranking, then click go in, can directly see if there is we have no thought of the structure of the industry web site or the product layout, including material and product ideas, we all can be used as a reference for their products, and we can also go directly to the corresponding Facebook see whether businesses to do the advertising, or other marketing channels.

Finally, I hope that all of you can do a good job in product marketing and promote your products successfully. Of course, you can have a bold try with this free tool to monitor competitors in the store. After all, it is free and will give us a lot of help on shopify spy.

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