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3 best facebook ad spy tools December 2018

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If we really want to get a step ahead of our competitors then we should follow the trending market strategies along with the cutting-edge native advertising trends. And now you might be thinking, how you can get to all of the trending and best working ads insights of your competitors. Check out [Latest] Best Legit Ads Spy Tools That You Should Try December 2018.

Yes! You can get all of the detailed ads insights of your faceless competitors simply by using Best Ads Spy Tools that are available right out there in the market. But, when you are choosing the Best Ads Spy Tools, then you will find hundreds of tools claiming to be the best. But in reality, it is not so, there are few tools that work the best and provides the best ads insights of your competitors.

So, here the problem arises again, now which tools you must be using in order to spy over your competitor’s Ads Campaigns and also check which banners and pre-landing pages are working best for them and bringing sales conversion.

There are many Ads Spy Tools but we are here to find the Best Ads Spy Tools that is reliable and provides the best Ads insights and supports all of the major platforms. So here we have listed the Best Ads Spy Tools that we have used and skyrocket our sales simply by spying on our competitors Ads Campaigns.


Here PowerAdSpy is the one the legit and promising Ads spy tool that is available for you in the market. It tools mainly spy on all of your competitor best-working Facebook ads strategies and then you can easily modify it and start using that strategy right for your own business.

The best part about the tool is that there are more than 1000 people all over the world. And these people are actually experiencing ads campaigns along with watching all of the best working ads and after that, they submit all of the Ads Copies to PowerAdSpy in order to build the Ads database for a customer like you and me.

The most interesting thing about the tool that here you can use these ads according to the niche of your business and after that creating your own Facebook Ads simply by using all of your competitor’s ads data insights and rock in the market.

2.Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout is one of the best tools that you can have to spy on social ads. Social Ad Scout provides you the opportunity to discover and access thousands of social ad examples from all across the globe. Get access to thousands of social ads from as much as 21 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Italy, New Zealand, Austria, Brazil, Russia, and many others.

Social Ad Scout comes loaded with unparalleled features. It provides detailed search filters so that you can search by text, URLs, type of ad, demographic information, the type of device, geographic location, and more. You get extensive breakdowns including timelines, how often an ad was seen, who saw it, how it ranked, the devices it was seen on, etc.

With Social Ad Scout, you get to have the actual ad’s screenshot. It makes easy to download landing pages. Social Ad Scout covers both desktop and mobile ads. Moreover, it covers every ad format. You get an extremely fast interface. All your search requests are processed within a fraction of a second.

All in all, Social Ad Scout helps you to launch successful social ad campaigns quickly and easily.

3. Bigspy

Bigspy is one of the best advertising spyware and marketing smart tools. The Advertising Spy feature provides Facebook advertising spy, AdMob advertising spy, and Pinterest advertising spy services. In addition, Bigspy e-commerce marketing features also provide top stores spy, top selling products spy and inventory spy. With more transparent ads and products, users can get more inspiration about advertising.

From here, you can click on a specific category and choose an interest. If I click BMW, for example, it'll show me example ads that were created by advertisers trying to reach people with interests related to BMW. It's a pretty cool way to see how other people are going after a specific audience.

With this tool, you can quickly find out which ads your competitors are advertising on Facebook, find out their popular materials and ad placement platforms, and then you can quickly write your own advertising ideas and start to work. Of course, the most important thing is that it's free ad spy tools.

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