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How to use the advertising transparency tool on Facebook ?

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Want to know what competitors' social media ads look like? Have you heard of Facebook and Twitter's advertising transparency tools ?

Next, the editor will give you a list of four ways that online marketers can use Facebook's advertising transparency tool:

First, open Facebook's advertising transparency tool Facebook's information and advertising tags to allow any user to view all ads currently running on any given page, regardless of whether that user is in the target audience for that AD series.

To view the ads being placed by merchants, visit their Facebook page. Then click the information and advertising TAB on the left navigation bar of the page. Or on a mobile device, look for the "information and ads" button in the lower right corner of the title image.

1. Research competitors' activities and consumer market

When marketers learn about these News advertising transparency tools, competitor research comes to mind first. Being able to see all the advertising campaigns your competitors are running is invaluable.

When you view competitors' ads in either tool, you can use them just as you would interact with them in a news Feed. You can click on the CTA and access the login page. On Facebook, you can also see the entire visual component, even if it is a round robin AD or video AD. Note that the video AD inserted on Twitter is not yet displayed in ATC.

Look closely at your competitors' ads and see if they are offering any special offers. Also, note the types of content they use in the AD series to see if different video lengths or AD formats can work better for you.

Then, what are the goals of their campaign? Are they trying to attract clicks, drive purchases or increase awareness?

For example, if you look at Facebook ads from UPS, it's clear that they're using storytelling and emotional appeal to build brand awareness.

A word of caution: what works for your game isn't always right for you. In addition, you might see ads where they are testing new approaches or advertising series strategies that don't work that way.

Overall, look for long-term trends that competitors are doing. If they maintain a strategy, advertising format, or copywriting style, there may be good reasons. Consider what they are doing for inspiration and tailor the approach to suit your brand.

2.Get inspired to use new advertising features

New social media advertising capabilities have been introduced, particularly on Facebook. While getting new features is exciting, it is sometimes difficult to determine the best use for them. When you run an AD campaign, you don't want to try to figure out the budget.

The advertising transparency tool lets you do some homework right away. Check out large brands (often the first to get these features) such as Home Depot, Target, or Airbnb to see how they use the new advertising features. This is a great way to see what a feature does and how it works without spending money on advertising.

3. Share positive activities with customers and prospects

Ever see someone Posting on Facebook, "hey, I saw an AD/promotion for X, but I couldn't click on it in time, now I can't find it anymore"?

Because users can use ads in transparency tools just as they do in news ads, customers and potential customers now have the opportunity to start buying or registering ads they might miss.

4.Share active collateral with customers

Many business owners use outside marketers to manage their social media advertising campaigns, especially those who struggle with the interface on Facebook and Twitter. However, these customers want to see their ads and know which ones are running.

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