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5 Common Facebook ads spy tools 2018

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Designing good Facebook ads can be a pain.But These Facebook ads spy tools will help a lot saving time and money.

When it comes to competition in social media, the first and foremost thing that a business wants to do is to spy on their competitor's promotion strategy on Facebook. In recent years, the trend of social media marketing has gained much traction.

By making use of the platform of social media sites, the businesses are ensuring that their promotion of the products reaches the target audience in no time.

Hence, one would always be curious to know how well their competitor is using Facebook advertisements to make the product accessible.

Therefore, it has become imperative for many brands and businesses to lay stress on certain tools that would help them to spy on the advertisements run by their competitors.

As per industry experts, social media sites like Facebook have facilitated the ease of branding in many companies. The same goes for Facebook advertisements.

It is a widely accepted fact that by posting ads on Facebook, a brand can reach the desired number of target audiences which is not possible in other modes of advertisements.

On the flipside, as a large number of populations have their accounts on Facebook, posting an ad on Facebook helps the cause of promotion. ​ And today I have something that will make you feel like you Master your competitors ads strategy :

1. Bigspy

Bigspy is one of the best advertising spyware and marketing smart tools. The Advertising Spy feature provides Facebook advertising spy, AdMob advertising spy, and Pinterest advertising spy services. In addition, Bigspy e-commerce marketing features also provide top stores spy, top selling products spy and inventory spy. With more transparent ads and products, users can get more inspiration about advertising.

From here, you can click on a specific category and choose an interest. If I click BMW, for example, it'll show me example ads that were created by advertisers trying to reach people with interests related to BMW. It's a pretty cool way to see how other people are going after a specific audience.

With this tool, you can quickly find out which ads your competitors are advertising on Facebook, find out their popular materials and ad placement platforms, and then you can quickly write your own advertising ideas and start to work.

Finally, another important feature of it is that it is free。

2. Social Ad Scout

If your looking to know what works on facebook ads and what doesn't you will want to try this tool. Social Ad Scout is one of the best tools that you can have to spy on social ads especially facebook.

They currently have ads from more than 21 countries, Coverage in 30+ more countries with a plan to add more.

Here are our some of the key strengths that differentiate them from other social ad spy tool in the market:

• Devices: one of the major social ad spy tools with both desktop and mobile ads!

• Ad Types: the tools supports every format, including Canvas Ads that no one else has!

• Targeting: You can see the exact targeting details for every ad; not just who "saw" it! They offer landing pages, images, videos, scripts and style sheets - in a compressed file for you to download.

3. AdPlexity

AdPlexity is one of the best and reliable Ads Spying solution on the market and is one of legit Ads Spy Tools. Hereby entering the AdPlexity Platform, you can simply monitor along with download all of the competitor’s promo materials just like the banners and also the landing pages from many type of the popular networks for more than in 70 countries.

Now simply keep track of your competitor’s most profitable Ads campaigns right on the many traffic sources. Basically, AdPlexity comes in different versions that are as follows: AdPlexity Mobile AdPlexity Desktop AdPlexity Native AdPlexity API So these are the 4 types of AdPlexity Products that will help you in step ahead of competitions simply by joining this amazing Ads spy tool.

4. Anstrex

Here this one is another legit Native Ads Spy Tools that generally offers all of the competitive intelligence data right with you. Really Anstrex is having the largest database and it updates on an even regular basis.

With Anstrex you can stay ahead of competition simply by spying right over your competitor’s ads strategy and then use it as your own. Now you can explore all of the current trends in the native ads industry and then ramp up your ROI and sales conversion.

Anstrex generally unlocks the secrets if the native advertising so that you can easily create campaigns by exploring what is actually working for your comparison. With the help of this native Ads spy tools you can easily: Save your countless hours on research that you do Provides more right for your advertising spend. Access more native ads network than any other tool in the market. Anstrex database is the biggest database as it is having more than 10 million of native ads right form 27 ads networks and in more than 15 countries. This tool works best on the desktop as well as on mobile too. You can spy over the ads of the countries like the USA, UK, South Africa, Italy, India, Mexico and many other too. And the best part is that here you can simply analyses the native ads right in various categories and languages.

5. WhatRunsWhere

WhatRunsWhere is an ads spy tools that mainly allows you to find out where your competitors are advertising and basically what kinds of ads they are actually using. You can also find out which advertisers and ads are basically running on particular domains or by the keywords.

Here this tool mainly cover the data from more than 22 countries and you can simply select among the display version, mobile or the full display option. This tool is having an international coverage of 150 display networks along with the 140 mobiles ads networks. This tool also collects the banner, text along with the native advertisements.

With this tool, you can easily get access the most complete and clear picture of the digital advertising ecosystem and then after discovering the winning strategies and simply learn which ads are actually performing the best and also build the most profitable campaigns.

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