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Which of the facebook ad spy tool is the most useful ?

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Facebook advertising can be very powerful,Facebook ad spy tools are a must for anyone looking to take their ads to the next level to maximize their return on ad spend.

What are AD Spy Tools?

Ad spy tools are mostly intelligence programs which enable you to know your competitors’ ad strategy and deliver you meaningful information which in turn can help you to create your ad for an effective and profitable campaign.

How do Facebook AD Spy tools work?

Simply put, the websites scrape massive amounts of data of successful, creative and unique ad campaigns from different companies and let you check those by filtering different keywords. Some spy tools also help you in creating your own ad and prepare a report to show its probable effectiveness. You can also schedule campaigns and check their impact from different features of these programs. Overall, Facebook AD spy tools take the responsibility of providing you with a tension-free and affluent online business.

you should know that by using a Facebook Ad spy tool, you can analyze and review what works for your competitors, giving you an advantage as an affiliate or internet marketer.

When you are affiliate marketing or selling products and services, the goal of spying on the competition is not to plagiarize your competitor’s work;

The goal of spying on your competitors Facebook ads is for you to survey the landscape and get Facebook ad examples to, one, know what kinds of messages your audience is already being exposed to and two, what kinds of hooks and ideas are being presented by other marketers and competitors.

There are ultimately two ways to spy on your competitors ads on Facebook…

First is using Facebook's native advertising tools.…

Second is using some third-party tools that can give you even more advertising ideas.

Now, of course, there are a lot of Facebook spy tools, such as, AdGenius, dfox, PowerAdspy, and bigspy, etc., each tool has its own advantages, no one tool is the most useful, if asked me, what kind of tools is the most useful, from my perspective, free tool is the most useful, ha ha, today I'll to bigspy this free third-party tools as an example, discuss the practicability of this tool .

bigspy is having a huge database that almost covers every ads type, niche and also any country. It has more than 100,000,000 ads from more than 40 countries and regions and more than 40 ad types, and is still growing. You can easily social media ads and funnels in a matter of seconds. bigspy also provides an imtutive layout for both the beginners and the pro ones.

This tool allows you to search ads according to your keywords, country, Types , landing page and many more in a row that will help in finding the best Ads possible. and In addition to knowing about ads on Facebook, you can also learn about ads on admob ,pinterest ,platform. Of course, if you are an advertiser of e-commerce platform, then congratulations! This platform also has a function called shopify spy, and you can use the same function.

So, this is why I like this tool, in addition to its free, but also has a powerful function, perhaps, you will not use this tool, but I suggest you, you can look for similar tools, and then do a comparison, so that you can do a better job in advertising marketing

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