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5 tools for spy on competitors facebook ads

spy on competitors facebook ads 4 min read

Is there a tool for spying on the Facebook ads of competitors for purposes of discerning what competitor Facebook ads are successful?

All along, there are a lot of facebook ads spy tool to help us spy on competitors' ads, from the bigbigads, whichadswork,AdSwiper, but these tools have disappeared.

Now the hot spy tool has adspy, poweradspy, bigspy, adaptive, socialPeta. Even Facebook has launched a new product called the Facebook Advertising Library, which can be used to monitor competitors' ads, but what is the difference between these tools?

First: adspy

Adspy is used to find ads on Facebook and Instagram, and filters to search for ad text, comments, landing page URLs, ad types, daily likes, and more.

Adspy has a special feature: it can filter user comments.

While the functionality of this platform is well thought out, it lacks some of the more advanced features of other tools in the list, but advanced search results and ease of use make up for this.


Second: poweradspy

PowerAdSpy is a traditional social advertising spy tool that provides a detailed breakdown of each idea, as well as the login page URL, the last seen date, social engagement, and goal selection.

You can search for ads based on keywords, domains, and advertisers, and sort by the latest ads, the longest running ads, social activity statistics, and targeting options and landing page properties. Filters are very useful for refining search parameters and get super related to your activities.

The use of poweradspy is limited, requiring you to install the PowerAdSpy browser plugin, and you need a top plan to get all the features available on the platform.

The cost of poweradspy: $49 to $299 per month.


Third: bigspy

Bigspy is definitely the best value-for-money in the free tools, and it has a lot of spy tools.

Bigspy has many basic features of paid tools.

Search function: Search for ads-related elements, or headlines, any content that appears in the text, and search for ads.

Filtering: Bigspy's filtering capabilities are the most powerful, filtering Marketing Objectives, All CTA Types, ECommerce Softwares, All Countries, All Creatives, All Categories, creating ad time and advertising time.

Tracking the collection function: Find the ad that the competitor is delivering. Click on the top right corner of the ad to bookmark and track the ad, and then track the 30-day user response of the ad.

Sorting: There are five sorting methods: Last Seen, First Seen, Like, Comment, Share. Bigspy allows users to find the most successful ads from these five areas.

Ad creative: bigspy as a creative creative library is the best, because bigspy has a huge data inventory, bigspy has nearly 200 million facebook ads, where you can search for any ad.

Competitor monitoring: Find any ads posted by competitors on bigspy. Click on “search” in the upper right corner of the ad to see all the ads of this advertiser. Then you can view the results of these ads and find the most successful ads. Wait.


Fourth: adplexity

1. Search in the past two weeks

You want to see the latest products people are trying. Due to the login page and the advertisement, the viewer will soon turn a blind eye to the banner advertisement, so you have to keep up with the development of the story.

2. Remove the non-affiliated login page from the search results

Filter by affiliate network and tracking tool to remove non-affiliated landing pages.

3. One-click download landing page

4. Sort by the most popular ads to see which works well. Adplexity can also use sorting to find the most successful ads.

Special features:Adplexity divide advertising into five categories: Mobile, desktop, native, Push, carriers

Cost: native facebook ads cost $249 per month

Mobile&desktop &ecommerce needs $199 per month

Push ads and carriers cost $149 a month


Fifth: SocialPeta

Without a doubt, this is one of the best facebook advertising spy tools you can find. Covering more than 50 countries, it is proud to be the largest advertising creative database.

This powerful tool analyzes thousands of android apps on admob, allowing you to drill down into your competitor's marketing strategy.

Big data on its e-commerce advertising and marketing strategy includes a creative analysis of the performance of more than 5 million advertisers in more than 50 key countries.

A key feature of this tool is that you can find insights from competitors you don't even know and track their advertising campaigns.

There are a variety of free services here. However, the site will ask you to upgrade to an advanced version of some services.

Cost: $59 per month, SocialPeta is the tool with the widest range of channels and the most detailed industry in all tools.


Summary: Free tools inside: bigspy is a good choice, basic features include, can be used to spy on competitors' ads, and find the most successful competitor ads; paid tools inside: SocialPeta is more cost-effective, because SocialPeta price Low, but more functional, can bring you more benefits.

spy on competitors facebook ads