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5 Best Shopify Spy Software To Spy On Your Competitor’s Shopify Ads

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If you are a store owner, are you helpless when promoting your website ads?

If you're a store marketer, do you do a lot of advertising and find that it doesn't make more money?

If you are a business owner, do you feel that the employees are working very hard, but the business performance is not outstanding?

Maybe you are wondering why I am advertising and the same industry is advertising. Why users go to competitors and why the company's product sales are not ideal? You may have analyzed many reasons with employees, but there is no unexpected harvest.

At this time, in addition to the analysis of our product's own shortcomings, we need to study the peer, look at the peer have done what platform advertising? What about their advertising ideas? Is there something wrong with our marketing? Here's a look at shopify spy, Here is to introduce the five free shopify spy software .

1.Bigspy https://bigspy.com/ recommendation index: 5 stars

First of all, this tool is free, you can log on their web site: register a account experience their products, open the shopify spy the navigation bar, then you can see there are three secondary classification, respectively is: products, trending, top store, enter your product or industry, you will see the top of the shop, also can click on the corresponding website, see their product structure, website marketing is how to layout, the data will be great help to our product analysis? , and we can use this tool to select your country or region, can also according to the classification of the commodities, to find the corresponding rivals, the tool of the second function is trending, this tool can help us to study the trend of a product, a little similar to Google trends, I sometimes see the third tool, mainly is the study of a product industry top store ranking, interested can experience the experience, in a word, is to master, improve skills, we study the top store ranking, analysis of their products, It also contributes to our website product structure layout, and network marketing. There is a supplementary function here. Another additional function of bigspy is report, in which you can find the corresponding analysis report by yourself and then do an industry or product analysis

To sum up, Bigspy is the best shopify spy tool in my opinion at present. After all, other people's free products have so many functions, which are quite good, so this tool has high cost performance.

2. Xpareto https://xpareto.com/ recommends 2 stars

This tool seems very simple, but the function is too single, because the page is not very intuitive, only site, no picture or trends, reports show, and the data quantity is less, so small make up after using it is no longer used, two days before suddenly can't open it, could be a server problem, but if you just used to play, that can be used to experience, monitoring data if you do, then I suggest you choose a powerful tool.

3. Shopgenius https://www.shopgenius.io/ recommends 2.5 stars

The tool seems to be quite comprehensive. Users can search Sponsored Ads, Mobile Ads, Desktop Ads, US Ads and UK Ads, not to mention the number of Ads. At least it is more practical than the second tool, but the problem is, when you browse the web, you will find that it is actually charged, free query only 24 hours, well, speaking of charges, then its cost performance directly reduced a lot, see the figure below, here are three kinds of charges: One is $14.99, one is $29.99, and the last one is $39.99. As you can imagine, the last one is the most powerful, but the charge is a little high, and many functions of the first two are not perfect, which is really a bad user experience for shopify spy, so only 2.5 stars are recommended.

4. Fashionnova https://www.fashionnova.com/

recommendation index 3.5 stars

Open this website, it seems that the page is very rich, there is a kind of feeling let a person see the dazzling, but this tool is powerful, only insufficient place is to collect fees, the amount of free search is too little, don't know what is the problem that the amount of data that they, or any other problem, in a word, want to have a better experience, still need to pay, this and shopgenius shopify spy charges are similar, so, if the user can experience the rich, I suggest for new users a novice or free will be better.

5.Niche Scraper https://www.nichescraper.com/ recommendation index is 3.5 stars

Open this web site, it looks good, the function can't say very full, but to monitor the shopify WooCommerce, Amazon, Ebay has very good, if you want to know your products in these platforms, so you can choose it, but this tool has a free to try, as for charge no fee, need further attempt, personally think that if you want to know about the market, specifically you can register experience, research competitors in the case of shopify Ebay and other products.

In summary, if you are new to the business or want to open a store, why not get to know your competitors and what their industry is like? Then, find a suitable free and appropriate shopify spy software to get more inspiration from competitors, so as to avoid detour and take your product to the next level.

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